What is LAVLPA?

Livermore Amador Valley Legal Professionals Association (LAVLPA) is a professional association chartered by Legal Secretaries, Inc. (LSI). It is a non-profit corporation and one of more than 45 local chapters of LSI. LSI was established by legal secretaries in 1934.


The objectives of LAVLPA are to provide its members with educational programs, personal benefits, networking, and promotion of the profession.

Membership Requirements

You must be currently employed and have had at least six month’s experience as a paralegal, secretary, typist, clerk, receptionist, or reporter in the office of any attorney engaged in the practice of law in the state of California, or in the courts, trust department of banks or trust companies, or in any institution or office directly engaged in work of a legal nature, including all public offices of the United States, state and city governments.

You must be sponsored by at least one active member of our association (or our membership chairman can sponsor you), and you must have attended at least two meetings. Your application, along with payment of dues, may then be presented to the Board and to the General Membership for approval.

Membership Functions

LAVLPA offers various educational programs, including monthly membership meetings most of which include educational topics. Speakers include judges, attorneys, court clerks, law enforcement, motivational and organizational.


Our regular meetings are held quarterly on the second Thursday of the month at various locations in and around Pleasanton, California. Social at 5:30 p.m. followed by dinner/meeting at 6:00 p.m. Members pay for their own dinners; however you may attend the meeting without having dinner.

Personal Benefits

  • Credit Union - to save and borrow
  • Insurance - medical, dental, disability and life
  • Employment - free placement
  • Costco membership eligibility
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Networking (local and statewide)
  • Social Activities